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The Kingdom of Spain is represented to the Assembly of Members by the Carlos III Institute of Health (ISCIII); Public Research Organization which depends to the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Health.

Spain has also nominated the National Platform for Biobank and Biomodels, ISCIII, as the National Node.

The ISCIII Biobanks and Biomodels Platform is an initiative of the Carlos III Health Institute structured into four scientific-technological HUBS, which include Biobanks, Organoids, Animal Models and 3D Printing.

The vision of the ISCIII Biobanks and Biomodels Platform is to become a national and international model for companies, clinical institutions, and research and administrative bodies as a common infrastructure able to perform, from a scientific, technological and regulatory perspective, a complete preclinical validation that ranges from the design to the validation of the product in vivo.

The Biobank Hub if the ISCIII Biobanks and Biomodels Platform contains 34 biobanks spread throughout our country´s geography besides it also accounts for another 15 associated biobanks (up to date), which integrates the completely Spanish biobank ecosystem.

The common goal of both ISCIII and the Biobanks HUB is to make biospecimens and associated data available for (inter)national biomedical research and to offer researchers multicentre sample collections  to improve the competitiveness of the Spanish biomedical and health research system, providing researchers with centralized access to collections and sample associated data. Our cutting edge services also include advising on issues in the ethical and legal realm.

The Spanish Biobank Hub commitment is not limited to the Spanish biobank community. With many of their experts being active within the BBMRI-ERIC common services as well as European working groups, The Spanish Biobank Hub also strongly supports biobank developments in Europe.

Read our press release to learn more here.


Eva Ortega (National Node Coordinator)

Nuria Montserrat Pulido (Coordinator of the National Platform for Biobank and Biomodels-ISCIII)

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