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EP PerMed

EP PerMed: European Partnership for Personalised Medicine

Topic: HORIZON-HLTH-2023-CARE-08-01

Type of Action: HORIZON Programme Cofund Actions

Duration: 120 months

Start date: 1 November 2023

Grant agreement: 101137129


Total request Grant by Consortium: €100,575,465.38

Total request Grant by BBMRI-ERIC: €119,850.00

Linked Third Parties/BBMRI-ERIC Framework Agreement:

Benefit/tasks for BBMRI-ERIC: BBMRI-ERIC contributes to:

WP1 – (Coordination and Management)

WP3 – (Accelerating PM Development, Innovation and Absorption – Maximising Impact)

WP5 – (International, Transnational, Interregional and Overarching Cooperation)


Additional Information

EP PerMed is a new European Partnership dedicated to Personalised Medicine (PM). It supports PM-related R&I, but also facilitates and accelerates all steps so that PM achievements successfully pass through the full value continuum to be implemented in sustainable health systems for the benefit of people and societies. The partnership will foster demonstration projects and promote successes and lessons learned to demonstrate evidence of PM implementation. EP PerMed activities cover overarching aspects, like patient involvement, exchange with medical societies, infrastructures and international and regional collaboration. The project portfolios of EP PerMed and ERA PerMed (ERA-Net co-fund on PM) and others are supported to become successful innovations in healthcare practice. EP PerMed will be the global PM-platform for scientific and strategic dialogue and alignment, resulting in public documents and publications. Accordingly, it will inform the public, patients, healthcare providers or payers about the latest PM options and engage them. The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Personalised Medicine (SRIA for PM, 2023), developed by EP PerMed partners, is the basis for the partnership’s structure and a wide range of its activities. All steps of the SRIA development were strongly support by numerous PM-experts, stakeholders and the European Commission (EC). Thus, the EP PerMed annual Joint Transnational Calls (JTCs) and other funding and activities, events and tools will be in line with the SRIA and outputs will feed into a SRIA update in the coming years. The partnership builds on several developments, initiatives and projects such as ERA PerMed, ICPerMed and its supporting projects (“ICPerMed Family”) funded by the EC. In parallel, it reaches out to the 1+Million Genomes Initiative, other European Partnerships in the Health Cluster and infrastructures like the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

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