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BBMRI-NL co-ordinates the collaboration between Dutch biobanks. It is not a biobank itself, but facilitates collaboration by harmonisation and enrichment of existing biobanks. BBMRI-NL also facilitates data management and analysis and stimulates the dialogue about legal and ethical aspects. Co-operation between biobanks is essential in finding the answers to important questions about (chronic) diseases in the interest of better patient care in an ageing population. BBMRI-NL is an initiative of researchers and clinical doctors from eight academic medical centres and other knowledge institutions. BBMRI-NL is the Dutch hub inside the European Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure project. BBMRI-NL is financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). To find out more about what BBMRI-NL is and does, you can download our Project Plan or the Executive Summary thereof (for the moment only available in Dutch). You can also order a copy by sending an email to


The larger part of BBMRI-NL’s budget is set apart for the enrichment and harmonisation of Dutch biobanks. The steering committee decides on the awarding of grants (money) to projects for enrichment and harmonisation, to data management and analysis, and to laying the legal, social and ethical foundations for collaboration between biobanks in the Netherlands and Europe. BBMRI-NL awards grants to two kinds of projects for harmonisation and enrichment: small scale Complementation projects allowing local biobanks to better complement the national infrastructure, and large scale Rainbow projects, requiring the integration of all national activities on a given topic (harmonization, enrichment, informatics or ELSI).

Gert-Jan van Ommen


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