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WP1: Acceleration of datafication of biobanks and biomolecular resources to enable reproducible advanced medical research


  • Extend concept of biobanks as data integration centres delivering quality-defined rich data: directly collected data (clinical, phenotypical) extended with sample derived (omics, imaging etc.) and linkable to other types of data (e.g., environmental);
  • Expand number of non-biobank biomolecular resources in BBMRI-ERIC;
  • Increase speed at which biobanks provide data and associated biological material to the researchers;
    • Increase visibility of biobanks and biomolecular resources:
    • by making their services beyond current access to retrospective samples/data discoverable and accessible;
    • by making existing collections of quality-defined rich data available to efficient discovery and analyses (after access approval).
  • Develop mechanisms to document quality of data along the whole chain from donor to sample to data in a
    machine-actionable manner using provenance, based on ongoing development of ISO 23494 series led by
  • Boost IT expertise in BBMRI-ERIC Nodes to support this process, by developing joint Task Forces and
    developing common dissemination materials based on or similar to RDMkit and FAIRassist;
  • Develop mechanisms for biobanks to scale out with capacities using state-of-the-art encryption solutions and secure processing mechanisms such as secure multiparty computing for safe deposition of sensitive data in
    cloud infrastructures.

Start Date (in Month): 1

End Date (in Month): 36

Task leaders:, BBMRI-ERIC,,


BBMRI-ERIC, all National nodes

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