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Creating a network of Greek Biobanks and connecting them with the BBMRI-ERIC will allow faster integration of Greece to the European Research Area (ERA). The establishment of the Hellenic BBMRI Network will facilitate the integration of scientific resources from the neighboring countries, will greatly upgrade the biomedical research in Greece and will allow for high quality collaborations in the field of translational Medicine. It will also have major positive impact in the health services for Greek citizens and in the Greek economy.   The Greek Government assigned to the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA) the role of the coordinator of the BBMRI-GR, which is based on Peripheral Nodes all over the Greek territory.

Main objectives of BBMRI-GR

  • Expansion and upgrade of existing collections of human biological material in Greece by applying high quality scientific standards for collection, processing and storage, with harmonization of BBMRI-GR with BBMRI-ERIC;
  • Coordination and connection between all Greek Centers of such collections and furthermore to connect them with existing collections in other European Centers, via the BBMRI-ERIC;
  • Promotion of high quality multicenter studies between Greek and fellow European scientists in human diseases;
  • Representation of the national node in the BBMRI-ERIC management committee according to the statutes and business plan of BBMRI-ERIC;
  • Optimal harmonization of procedures within BBMRI-GR to integrate existing biobanks into a national research infrastructure.

Dimitris Thanos


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