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Germany / German Biobank Node

Germany (Member)


The German Biobank Node (GBN): The aim of the project “German Biobank Node (GBN)” is to set up a German focal point for biobanks that will simultaneously act as the National Hub for BBMRI (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure). The project will thus comprise the representation of Germany in BBMRI by the principal investigator (PI) acting as the BBMRI National Coordinator. In this role, (s)he will take part in the BBMRI-ERIC negotiations and instigate Germany’s future role in BBMRI. On the other hand, the GBN will function as a central contact and exchange point for the German biobank community with the aim of promoting the interaction between national biobanks. To a large extent, this will also involve the development of a concept for how to motivate national biobanks to participate in the envisaged European integration process.

As a matter of principle, BBMRI National Nodes will be established under the ERIC legal entity and shall serve as a link between the national scientific community (e.g. universities, hospitals, research institutions and resource centres) and BBMRI-ERIC. The GBN will therefore act, not only as a national platform for the German biobanking community, but also as an interface between national biobanks and BBMRI.
The GBN project will comprise 4 work packages dealing with the establishment of the Central Office, with Sample and Data Harmonization, with Quality Management (liquid and tissue specimens) and with Public Relation. The GBN is supported by the National Assembly of Biobanks which comprise all major biobanks in Germany.


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Michael Hummel


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