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23 Oct 2018

BBMRI.QM Webinar #2

European Technical Specifications for the pre-analytical phase become ISO International Standards: an update Speaker: Karl-Friedrich Becker, Professor at the Inst more

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13 Nov 2018

BBMRI.QM Webinar #3

The NEW standard for biobanks “ISO 20387 Biobanking – General requirements for biobanking” and how the BBMRI-ERIC Quality Management Service can help with i more

October 17th, 2018

ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC project extended

Following a request from the project consortium, the European Commission recently decided to extend the duration of the ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC project for an additional more

ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC project meeting London, October 9, 2018
October 17th, 2018

Biobanking Workshop in Latin America

As part of our efforts to support biobanking in different regions of the world, we are organising a biobanking workshop in Rio de Janeiro in early 2019. We believ more

ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC workshop, biobanking, Rio de Janeiro, January 2019
October 15th, 2018

Latvian Biobank Network Collections Pass Self-Assessment Survey

Several endocrinology research sample collections from the Latvian National Biobank Genome Database of Latvian Population recently passed the BBMRI-ERIC Self-Asse more

BBMRI-ERIC Latvian National Node sample collections pass self-assessment survey
October 8th, 2018

GBN and GBA at Europe Biobank Week

Europe Biobank Week 2018 took place in Antwerp on 4–7 September. It was attended by 640 international participants. The German Biobank Node (GBN) had a presen more

German Biobank Node booth at Europe Biobank Week 2018 in Antwerp
October 5th, 2018

GBA biobanks carry out ring trial

Biobanks of the German Biobank Alliance (GBA) have conducted a ring trial to review their individual measurement procedures for tissue biobanking, improve their p more

German Biobank Alliance biobanks carrying out ring trial
October 4th, 2018

German Biobank Node shares satisfaction survey results

“Products, cooperation and networking within GBA – tell us about your experience!” – during an internal online survey, members of the German Biobank Allia more

Survey, questionnaire
October 3rd, 2018

New Self-Assessment Survey

We are delighted to announce that a new Self-Assessment Survey for biobanks is available now. The purpose of the BBMRI-ERIC Self-Assessment Surveys is to encourag more

new self-assessment survey, quality management services, bbmri-eric
September 25th, 2018

Laurent Dollé wins EBW Presidents’ Award for Drone4Care

Laurent Dollé, Business Developer at Drone4Care, won a Presidents’ Award for the best scientific idea pitch at Europe Biobank Week 2018. Reporting back fr more

Laurent Dolle, Europe Biobank Week Antwerp, Presidents' Award, best scientific idea pitch, drone4care
September 24th, 2018

RItrain: from an EU project to an Executive Masters

Discover EMMRI and its Open Programme: The goal of RItrain, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project, is to improve and professionalise training for research infrastruct more

RItrain, EU project, BBMRI-ERIC, Training, Management of Research Infrastructures
September 24th, 2018

European Biotech Week

European Biotech Week celebrates biotechnology as an innovative and vibrant sector launched by the discovery of the DNA molecule back in 1953.  The event compris more

European Biotech Week
September 24th, 2018 at Europe Biobank Week 2018

With the support of, several Italian biobanks presented their work at Europe Biobank Week in Antwerp this year. In total, and Italian biobanks more

Europe Biobank Week 2018 Antwerp
September 24th, 2018 reports back from Europe Biobank Week

All partner biobanks attended Europe Biobank Week 2018. Biobanks and the consortium partners presented their achievements and their work in dif more

Robert Reihs,, BIBBOX, biobank in a box
September 21st, 2018

CORBEL Innovation Helpdesk

The CORBEL Innovation Helpdesk is available to assist the European Biological and Medical Research Infrastructures with collaboration with industry and technology more

CORBEL Helpdesk, research infrastructures, life sciences
September 21st, 2018

CORBEL 2nd Open Call

CORBEL  – Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services – is a Horizon2020 project uniting 13 European Biological and Medical more

CORBEL EU project, shared services for life sciences, BBMRI-ERIC project partner
September 21st, 2018

Biothèque Wallonie Bruxelles launches new website

Biothèque Wallonie Bruxelles (BWB ) is an inter-university collaboration platform open to all biobanks in the Brussels and Wallonia region to support applied more

Biotheque-Wallonie-Bruxelles launches new website, biobanking
September 20th, 2018

Biobank Sweden holds round table talks

The Swedish Research Council-funded research infrastructure Biobank Sweden supports healthcare providers and universities with medical faculties working towards n more

biobank Sweden, round table talks
September 19th, 2018

MERIL database now open to national RIs

The MERIL-2 project continues to evolve in line with the needs of its users and stakeholders. As part of this evolution, the MERIL database now accepts nomination more

MERIL, research infrastructure landscape Europe
September 19th, 2018

BBMRI-ERIC, EATRIS and ECRIN release joint statement on Horizon Europe

BBMRI-ERIC, EATRIS and ECRIN released a joint statement on Horizon Europe last week. Speaking at ICRI 2018, the International Conference for Research Infrastruct more

Erik-Steinfelder-Carlos-Moedas meeting at ICRI 2018 in Vienna, International Conference for Research Infrastructures
September 18th, 2018

MERIL launches new Visualisation Tool

MERIL (Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape) has introduced an additional data visualisation tool that allows you to discover the MERIL data more

MERIL, research infrastructure landscape Europe, visualisation tool
September 18th, 2018

Transferring biobank research data between the EU and African countries

Despite the fact that the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides ways to transfer data, it is difficult to find ways to share data between Eu more

ELSI TEAM, BBMRI-ERIC, Santa Slokenberga
August 30th, 2018

BBMRI-ERIC launches new webinar series

We are very pleased to announce that we are launching a new webinar series on quality management. Anyone who is interested in quality management issues in biobank more

BBMRI-ERIC Quality Management Webinar, webinar series, biobanking
August 25th, 2018

Join the RD-Connect Community

RD-Connect is an integrated platform connecting databases, registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research. It provides user-friendly t more

data, IT, biobanking, tools
August 24th, 2018

PhenoMeNal team releases “Dalcotidine”

The PhenoMeNal release team is happy to announce its 2018.08 release “Dalcotidine”. The release focuses on stability, the introduction of new tools and work more

Phenomenal, EU H2020, Horizon 2020 project, Cloud Reserach Environment Portal
August 24th, 2018

BBMRI-ERIC 2017 Annual Report

BBMRI-ERIC has published its Annual Report for 2017, highlighting the key achievements last year. In addition to a detailed section on BBMRI-ERIC’s main act more

August 23rd, 2018


The Swedish Research Council-funded research infrastructure Biobank Sweden supports healthcare providers and universities with medical faculties working towards n more

August 23rd, 2018

The PoC Osteo Cohort: collecting osteoporosis samples

Within the framework of the PoCOsteo Horizon 2020 project, partner Biobank Graz started collecting osteoporosis samples earlier this year. The project more

PoCOsteo cohort, osteoporosis sample collection, Biobank Graz
August 22nd, 2018


The Swedish Research Council-funded research infrastructure Biobank Sweden supports healthcare providers and universities with medical faculties working towards n more

Europe Biobank Week Antwerp, Antwerpen

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