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Common Service IT

What is the IT service about?

BBMRI-ERIC provides tools and expertise, as well as knowledge and experience sharing on information technologies (IT) for biobanks and research on biomolecular resources.

Who is this service for?

IT services are intended for researchers looking for for samples and data, for biobankers promoting their biobanks and searching fellow biobanks, for funding organisations to provide overview of infrastructure, as well as other users. It is primarily intended for users located in Member Countries of BBMRI-ERIC.

How can I engage?

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Who to contact?

Petr Holub,

BBMRI-ERIC IT and Data Protection Manager and Chief Information Officer of CS IT:




The Common Service IT team:

CS IT DIRECTOR: Michael Hummel (DE)


WP 1  Directory
David van Enckevort
WP 2 Sample Negotiator,  Locator
Frank Ückert
WP 3 Colon Cancer  Gathering / ADOPT
Michael Hummel
WP 4 Services for Nodes
Heimo Müller
WP 5 Tools for Biobanks
Heimo Müller
WP 6 Requirement Analysis
Philip Quinlan
WP 7 Operations
Luciano Milanesi
WP 8 Harmonization
Kaisa Silander

IT  Representatives of National Nodes

Austria Johann Eder, Horst Pichler
Belgium Araceli Diez-Fraile, Dirk Devoghel
Czech Republic Ondřej Vojtíšek
Estonia Kristjan Metsalu, Mairo Puusepp
Finland Timo Miettinen,
France N.N.
Germany Hans-Ulrich Prokosch, Frank Ückert
Greece Lefteris Koumakis
IARC/WHO Ny Haingo Andrianarisoa, Maimuna Mendy
Italy Luciano Milanesi, Gianluigi Zanetti
Latvia N.N.
Malta Jean-Paul Ebejer
the Netherlands Morris A. Swertz, David van Enckevort
Norway N.N.
Poland Blazej Marciniak, Dominik Strapagiel
Sweden N.N.
Switzerland N.N.
Turkey Ugur Sezerman
Great Britain Philip Quinlan, Amir Pourabdollah



Directory is a metadata and public data information service with aggregated information about biobanks, their sample and data collections, as well as additional services. The first two versions of the Directory were developed jointly by the BBMRI-ERIC IT community before the launch of the Common Service IT: Directory 1.0 was released in July 2015 and Directory 2.0, covering 515 biobanks with more than 60,000,000 samples, was released in December 2015 as a deliverable of the ADOPT project. The responsibility for the development and operation of the Directory were handed over to the CS IT after it was launched.

Contact person: David van Enckevort

Sample/Data Negotiator and Locator will be services to allow for negotiating access of the requesters to samples and data sets hosted by the biobanks and to locate sample and data sets of interest for the requesters. Negotiator focuses on making the communication of many requesters with many biobanks as efficient as possible. Locator will allow for detailed privacy-preserving multi-criteria search of samples and data sets, while also respecting the degree of control required by the biobank infrastructure operators. This will also include development of connectors to interface to the information systems of biobanks.

Contact person: Frank Ückert

Services for National Nodes and Tools for Biobanks  provides  services, e.g.  required interface tools  for the Sample Locator and Directory Service for national nodes. In the BiobankApps tool catalogue, both commercial and open source software solutions related to the biobanking domain are classified and evaluated. The evaluation covers: 1) “user review” by an authenticated user 2) domain expert: quick analysis by BBMRI members and 3) domain expert: detailed analysis and test installation with real world data. Selected tools are available as “Apps” (technically this is achieved by docker containers) ready to be installed in a virtual machine.  A first demo version of the “biobank in a box” framework can be found at

Contact person: Heimo Müller

Data harmonization tools will be middleware services that provide ontology registries and translation tools to be used by other BBMRI-ERIC IT services and possibly also external services in the future. These tools are the response to the heterogeneity of standards in medical informatics (e.g., various clinical ontologies such as ICD-10 and SNOMED CT) used across Europe as well as beyond it.

Contact person: Kaisa Silander


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