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What is the BBMRI-ERIC audit programme?

1st level audit:

You can use the BBMRI-ERIC Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) to validate the quality of your operations internally.

2nd level audit:

After completing an SAS, you can go through a 2nd level audit, carried out by BBMRI-ERIC. This can help you if you are planning to go through a 3rd level audit by your national accreditation body.

3rd level audit:

These audits are carried out by national accreditation bodies.

What is the BBMRI-ERIC audit programme?

BBMRI-ERIC audit programme

From the SAS to a BBMRI-ERIC Quality Label

Access the variety of SAS to evaluate the specifications of samples and/or operations, following a remote/on-site audit. If the outcome of the audit is positive, it will lead to a Quality Label in the BBMRI-ERIC Directory.

Currently we offer ten SAS for sample quality assessment based on the pre-examination processes standards (ISO 20184, 20166, 20186, 23118) and one for operational aspects of biobanking based on the biobanking standard (ISO 20387).

What is the BBMRI-ERIC audit programme?

Assess your biobank operation with the BBMRI-ERIC SAS

The SAS help to determine relevant requirements for your work processes as defined in the respective standards. You can carry out this assessment process (including a remote or on-site audit) together with the BBMRI-ERIC QM team.

Direct access to the SAS can be obtained by submitting a request here. Fill out the survey and decide at the end wether you would like to send the SAS report to the QM team to initiate a 2nd level audit in our audit programme.

What is the BBMRI-ERIC audit programme?

Quality Labels according to the biobanking standard ISO 20387 and technical specifications

There are two options to obtain a Quality Label.

Option 1: To successfully complete a BBMRI-ERIC 2nd level audit programme

Option 2: To successfully complete a 3rd level audit by your national accreditation body

If you successfully complete the BBMRI-ERIC 2nd level audit according to ISO 20387, you will receive a Quality Label along with a certificate and a glass trophy.

If you successfully complete a 3rd level audit by your national accreditation body, you can submit your valid certificate to the QM team to obtain your Quality Label which will be visible in the BBMRI-ERIC Directory.

You can reach the QM team here:

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