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As an organisation providing expertise and specific tools to the biobanking community, BBMRI-ERIC recommends the following tools:


MIABIS 2.0 represents the minimum information required to initiate collaborations between biobanks and to enable the exchange of biological samples and data. The aim is to facilitate the reuse of bio-resources and associated data by harmonising biobanking and biomedical research.

Who to contact?

Click here to go to MIABIS 2.0



BiobankApps is a catalogue of biobank-related software, where software
developers/vendors can register their software. Supports user-based

Who to contact?

Click here to go to BiobankApps



BIBBOX is a demonstration website of the tools integrated within the Reference IT tools for biobanks, developed as a part of BBMRI-ERIC Common Service IT.

Who to contact?

Click here to go to BIBBOX


The BRIF (Bioresource Research Impact Factor) initiative is building a framework that enables set up indicators for the use of bioresources and rewarding mechanisms. Bioresources are defined as collections of biological samples with associated data (medical/epidemiological, social), databases independent of physical samples or other collection of biomolecular and bioinformatics research tools.

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Additionally to BRIF, the CoBRA (Citing of Bioresources in Research Articles) guideline provides guidance for citing bioresources in academic literature: it specifies where and how to cite bioresources at each section of a research article.

Use the CoBRA checklist when writing a scientific article.

Who to contact?

Download the CoBRA guideline

CoBRA Flyer

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