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ELSI: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Biobanking



Conducting research relating to ethical, legal and societal issues (ELSI) is fundamental to staying up to date with and contributing knowledge to current practices in both the biomedical scientific and regulatory field. This is core to the ELSI services we provide.

  • Discover all the international and EU Projects we participate in to conduct ELSI research.
  • Read up on publications and results



We support the biobanking community by facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice standards.

Given that ELSI is key to any biobanking activity, we provide services and tools for researchers who would like to be informed of ELSI matters or have specific ELSI questions.

  • The ELSI Knowledge Base is an open-access resource platform, containing practical knowledge and information on relevant ELSI topics.
  • Do you have an ELSI question? If so, the ELSI Helpdesk Network is here to help.
  • The Ethics Check is a support service for researchers who are applying for H2020 research projects or similar. We assist with the compulsory Ethics Self-Assessment section during the application phase.
  • The ELSI Policy Monitoring follows relevant policy and regulatory developments at European level. We organise coordinated responses to relevant public consultations, as well as other interventions, representing the biobanking community, in order to promote ELSI-related matters in European biobanking.


We provide ELSI training and workshops to researchers on ELSI issues related to biobanks and biobanking in order to improve overall understanding, as well as raise awareness of legal and ethical issues arising in the field.

Within our network, we offer online webinars and training workshops on ELSI issues.

About ELSI

What We Do

BBMRI-ERIC is active in the field of ELSI. We support the biobanking community by conducting research, providing services and tools, and offering training with the overall objective of facilitating regulatory compliance and best practice, as well as by influencing European policy.

How We Work

Operating the basis of the BBMRI-ERIC federated model, we work in partnership with a network of ethical and legal institutions and experts from academia and practice across Europe, which are located our Member and Observer Countries. Our ELSI network is at the core of all activities we undertake and services we provide.

Who We Are

Click here to view the BBMRI-ERIC ELSI team as well as our network of ELSI experts!


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