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Colorectal Cancer Cohort - ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC

The colorectal cancer cohort (CRC-Cohort) is developed within the EU-funded project ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC (H2020) as a use case for piloting access to European biobanks.

The CRC-Cohort is developed by BBMRI-ERIC, its National Nodes and BBMRI-ERIC partner biobanks, and it will become a permanent asset of the BBMRI-ERIC infrastructure after the end of the ADOPT project. The CRC-Cohort collection is a joint long-term European endeavor, which enables existing, well-established biobanks to connect with BBMRI-ERIC and obtain increased recognition and visibility along with new users and data.

The CRC-Cohort is expected to enable high-quality research and innovation to improve colorectal cancer treatment. The cohort should enable a large spectrum of different types of research and is therefore not restricted to any specific research question. The procedures and IT tools developed within the CRC-Cohort are expected to be reusable for similar future efforts on different disease entities implemented using BBMRI-ERIC as an infrastructure.

The website was co-funded within ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC, a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 676550.
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