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Working Group QMS


The Working Group QMS (WG QMS) brings together the expertise and experience of participating biobankers, biomedical researchers, QM experts and auditors from all BBMRI member and observer  countries to discuss community-relevant QM topics. This in-depth exchange results in action points and tasks that we work on together and then implement in the biobank operations to enable their further development and continuous improvement. An overarching goal is to make the achievements of the WG QMS publicly available in the form of harmonised and standardised templates, guidelines and/or publications.

If you have any questions about the WG QMS, please contact Maike Tauchert:

WG QMS meetings in 2023:

24 January, 14 March, 9 May, 20 June, 19 September, 21 November

WG QMS_20387

The Working Group QMS_20387 primarily focuses on the biobanking standard ISO 20387 and supports the preparation of biobanks for the BBMRI-ERIC Quality Label and ISO 20387 accreditation. In the Working Group meetings we are reading and reviewing the standard and discuss which documents and information a biobank should have in place. The exchange of experience and information should support biobankers in implementing the requirements of the biobanking standard in their daily work. 

The WG QMS_20387 works closely with the general WG QMS to work specifically on harmonised and standardised templates, guidelines and/or publications.

If you have any questions about the WG QMS_20387, please contact Andrea Wutte:

WG QMS_20387 meetings in 2023:

7 February, 19 April, 23 May, 12 September

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