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BBMRI.QM Training & Education

ISO/TS 23494-1:2023

“Biotechnology – Provenance information model for biological material and data”


Part 1: Design concepts and general requirements

The BBMRI.QM team organised an in-depth training on ISO/TS 23494-1:2023 free of charge for our member and observer countries.

The training was held on 29 November, 2023 in a two-hour session. You can find registration details for accessing the recorded session below.



Register here to watch the recording of the training session.

To watch the recording of the webinar, interested participants must possess the necessary ISO/TS 23494-1:2023 for licensing purposes.

The recording is free of charge only for BBMRI-ERIC Members and Observers. If your organisation is not a Member or Observer, please be aware that there might be a registration fee. Please contact the Quality Management team ( for more information.



Dr. Rudolf Wittner

IT Scientist at BBMRI-ERIC


Rudolf Wittner is a researcher focusing on provenance information. Within his affiliation in BBMRI-ERIC as an IT Scientist, he is a co-leader and the main contributor to the ISO 23494 provenance standard series, and he is the main author of the Common Provenance Model for partitionable and non-repudiable provenance information for sensitive data. At the same time, he is finishing his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, where he obtained his master’s degree in Informatics, Information Technology Security. Rudolf has concurrent employment at the Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, where he is also employed as an IT scientist. Before he started his research career, he worked at the Institute as an information security expert performing analytical activities regarding various aspects of data protection (primarily related to information security management, documentation & compliance). Rudolf gained technical skills as a software engineer and developer in event-based distributed security systems, identity management, and software architectures. Rudolf spent three months in Panama City, Panama, in LogicStudio. In this private company, he collected and prepared training materials for his colleagues and prepared them to gain a security certification.

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