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ELSI Research and Publications

To ensure excellence in providing guidance on ethical, legal and societal implications (ELSI), we operate on the basis of a federated model, in partnership with a network of experts from academia and practice from across the Headquarters, the National Nodes and project partners. Focus areas are recognised in collaboration with European and international ELSI experts and based on user needs identified in projects or ELSI Helpdesk requests coming from patient advocacy groups, industry partners or biobankers.

Our vision remains to deliver reliable, practical and sustainable services based on state-of-the-art research for the immediate benefit of the life sciences community by setting standards, promoting best practices or enabling a sustainable platform for internal and public knowledge exchange. To date, our expertise has been requested in more than 30 projects. The knowhow provided and research done for a particular consortium is promoted as public knowledge for the biobanking and life sciences community via our Knowledge Base.

Areas of Expertise

Over the past decade, our ELSI Team has developed several interrelated lines of expertise on ethical, legal, and societal implications relevant for the biobanking and life sciences community.


The ELSI HQ team comprises nine experts in the fields of bioethics, social sciences, law and philosophy. Find out more via our Podcast ‘Why ELSI Matters!

Publications, Impact & Outreach

The following are links to help you navigate to the following areas: Articles, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016. Research. Reports. Public statements and consultations.



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Report, Biobanks and the Public, compiled by the ELSI WP of BBMRI-PP GA212111 & public writer, 2013

BBMRI ELSI WORKSHOP REPORT Sharing and access to data and human biospecimens for the benefit of patients – Towards a BBMRI-ERIC Policy, 2016

Report, Ethics Review of European Biobank Research: Towards Mutual RECognition? Organised and hosted by BBMRI ERIC Common Services ELSI
in joint collaboration with BBMRI Large Prospective Cohorts and B3Africa 12 September 2016, Messe Wien

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Public Statements and Consultations

Statement on a potential opt-out mechanism for the EHDS, 2023

Statement by BBMRI-ERIC on the realisation of the EHDS for biobanking from the viewpoint of patient advocates and patient representatives, 2023

Response by BBMRI-ERIC to European Health Data Space Questionnaire, 2021

Statement by BBMRI-ERIC on “A European Health Data Space”, 2021

BBMRI-ERIC joint comments to the Article 29 Working Party Guidelines on Consent under Regulation 2016/679 (wp259) and Transparency under Regulation 2016/679 (wp260), 2018

BBMRI-ERIC contribution to the public consultation on the wma declaration on ethical considerations regarding health data- bases and biobanks, 2015,

BBMRI-ERIC Position Paper on the GDPR, 2015

Comments to the public consultation on the Council of Europe Recommendation (2006)4 on research on biological materials of human origin, 2014/08/14

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