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Task Force Research Ethics Committees

Mission Statement

The mission of the Task Force Research Ethics Committees (TF REC) is to map the procedures of national and regional RECs in order to identify the requirements and challenges for the use and exchange of biological samples and associated data in collaborative and transnational research projects. Promoting an open dialogue and a constructive interaction with European RECs, our aspiration is to foster a framework of mutual RECgnition.

The TF uses reliable research to develop practical knowledge for mutual RECognition in



Thus, sharing information on the REC’s requirements in different EU countries as well as understanding the common needs and challenges, the national level REC workflows, needs and requirements, are critical elements for a harmonized and collaborative environment. Consequently, the task force’s first step includes an extensive European REC mapping exercise of the practices and legal landscapes for ethical approval. A pilot survey targeted six EEA countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Norway). The second round is currently ongoing, involving all Member States of BBMRI-ERIC. This mapping aims to gather objective data on national requirements highlighting the following critical issues:

  • the ethical and regulatory framework for biosample/data-based research
  • the ethics committees in charge of evaluating the biobank-based research
  • the operating rules of RECs for the ethical review of biosample/data-based research projects and the establishment of a human research biobank
  • the expected process for submitting this type of biomedical research for REC review.

Preparatory activities included the preparation of a glossary for the pilot survey.

Have a look at the poster on the pilot phase of our European RECs mapping here on Zenodo.

Members of the TF REC

The TF consists of experts from BBMRI National Nodes with a specific competence in the regulatory and ethics fields and proven experience with RECs. If you want to participate, contact us!


Dr Sara Casati –

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