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A comprehensive and standardized e-infrastructure
for analyzing medical metabolic phenotype data

Topic: H2020 -EINFRA-1-2014

Type of Action: RIA

Duration: 36 months

Start Date: 1 September 2015 Grant

Agreement Nr: 654241


Coordinator: Christoph Steinbeck

Total requested Grant by Consortium: €8,810,922.00

Total requested Grant by BBMRI-ERIC: € 145,076.00

Linked Third Parties/BBMRI-ERIC Framework Agreement: none

Benefit/tasks for BBMRI-ERIC: proposal trying to organize the metabolomics community at the European level, and we are keen to do it in full synergy with BBMRI.


Lead by European Molecular Biology Laboratory

During the next 10 years, a significant number of the 742,000,000 European citizens will have their genome determined routinely. This will be complemented with much cheaper measurement of the metabolome of biofluids which will link the genotype with data on the exposome of patients, which for the first time enables the development of a truly personalised and hand tailored medicine based on hard scientific measurement.

List of Participants:

EMBL-EBI, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Leibniz-Instiitut für Pflanzenbiochemie, Universitat de Barcelona, University of Birmingham, Consorzio Interuniversitatio Risonanze Magnetiche di Metallo Proteine, Universiteit Leiden, The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Uppsala Universitet, BBMRI-ERIC, Commissariat a l’entegie atomique et aux energies alternatives, Institut national de la recherche agronomique, SRI International, The Governors of the University of Alberta/University of Alberta

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