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BBMRI-ERIC connects

to a series of tools and services for the pursuance of tasks and activities of the research infrastructure and provides expertise relevant to biobanking products.

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The BBMRI-ERIC Directory comes with interesting new features that allow for a fine-grained and more accurate representation of biobanking infrastructure: collections and biobank networks. Based on the MIABIS 2.0 standard, the biobanks now only describe the institutional aspects of biobanks, while all the samples and data are provided via collections embedded in biobanks.

The collections allow biobanks to describe the sample and data sets available in more detail in order to better meet the needs of users browsing and searching the Directory. Furthermore, the Directory can now capture how biobanks are organised into biobank networks, indicating what properties are shared by them and which institutional biobanks host collections for multiple biobank networks.

The new, updated Directory also includes data for imaging, biobank capabilities and basic quality metrics.

Sample/Data Locator

A service to locate samples and data sets hosted by the biobanks that are of interest to the requesters. The Locator will allow for detailed, privacy-preserving, multi-criteria search of samples and data sets, while also respecting the degree of control required by the biobank infrastructure operators. This will also include the development of connectors to interface to the information systems of biobanks.

Sample/Data Negotiator

A service for requesters and biobanks to negotiate access to samples and data sets. The Negotiator focuses on making communication between a high number of requesters and biobanks as efficient as possible.

Expert Centre

CBmed, an Austrian funded competence center, links excellent research infrastructure, scientific expertise, medical knowledge, national and international industry partners for systematic medical biomarker research.


There is a range of online tools biobankers can use. BBMRI-ERIC provides an overview of the most useful ones.

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